“I have so much paperwork. Where do I start?”

Writing IEPS does not have to be a daunting task.
Stay with me now, because I know what you’re thinking.
I am here to announce that you can write stellar IEPs in less time than ever before, and The Intentional IEP Team is here to help.

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Did you Know …


of special education teachers do not like writing IEPs


of special education teachers dislike writing the Present Levels and Goals/Objectives of an IEP.


of special education teachers are expected to write the full IEP and hold the meeting.


of special education teachers spend more than 2 hours writing one IEP.

As a dual-certified special education teacher, I admit that the paperwork can be overwhelming. And I admit that I feel like special education teachers are not given enough time in a day to teach and also effectively manage the paperwork.
It’s not impossible, but it almost feels like we are set up for failure.
TII is here to announce that you can write stellar IEPs in less time than ever before, and The Intentional IEP Team is here to help. We want to protect your valuable time so you can be there for your students and do what you do best – teach.

Introducing The Intentional IEP

Together with the Intentional IEP Team, a combined education experience spanning 200+ years across Pre-K to High School in all special education classroom settings, we have developed an actively growing IEP Vault full of thousands of prewritten IEP goals.

Save time. Reduce Stress. Feel More Confident.

The mission of The Intentional IEP

is to save you, the teacher or service provider, time by taking one integral portion of the legal IEP process making it as simple as cut and paste based on the student’s Present Levels of Academic Performance.

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The Intentional IEP has changed how I write IEPs! I used to stress over each part of the process, but the Intentional IEP has helped make goal writing so much easier and personalized to my students individual needs. I can search by the exact skill I am wanting to focus on to target what I want! You won’t be disappointed!

Natalie Hagan

Quote icon The Intentional IEP

TII has given me a new way to be creative with IEP goals. It is very easy to [search through] a variety of goals on a topic within the website. TII is now part of my IEP writing process to check in The Vault to see the options for IEP goals.
Lindsey Remiger

Quote icon The Intentional IEP

Writing IEPs as a special educator can be difficult. Especially when you are creating it alone. Oftentimes [I’ve found] myself struggling to come up with individualized goals and objectives for each of my students… It is so nice to have a variety of goals in all content areas easily accessible for me when writing IEPs… [and] it is easy for me to use The Intentional IEP to see any prerequisites that the student would need to acquire prior to reaching their long term goals.

Heather Cacioppo

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