As a special education teacher with 10 years in the field, I too know how many hours we spend writing IEPs and managing the paperwork.

And I’ve found that the single biggest roadblock special ed teachers face is being able to find a way to make IEP writing faster and less stressful. All we want to do is what we do best – TEACH!

But in many cases, through our coursework and professional development, we aren’t explicitly taught how to write an IEP. We know what an IEP is, we know who the IEP is for, but how do we write one? What’s the process of writing an IEP?

IEP Week is your free answer to that question. 

And it’s not just me who knows this to be true.
In fact, 67% of special education teachers do not like writing IEPs, and
45% of special education teachers spend more than TWO hours writing just one IEP.
This is because many teachers believe that in order to feel more confident in the IEPs they write means that they need to spend hours of their personal time pouring over mounds of paperwork – constantly changing and revising each part so they don’t get ‘dinged’ for errors… and coming up with functional and measurable goals unique to each student.
This is why I want to share IEP Week with you. As a free resource that helps teachers get more organized, you will learn how to:
• use the right resources in the right way to write stellar IEPs in less time,
• make sure your student’s services are truly individualized,
• make parents a bigger and more important piece of the IEP puzzle.
AND THEN you’ll no longer have to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and strapped for time because you’ll have a simple IEP writing system in place that works.

So what is IEP Week and what exactly will you learn?

Delivered to your email inbox each day after you sign up will be one IEP topic. For 7 consecutive days you’ll learn the basics of an IEP, all the different parts, how to collaborate with general ed teachers and parents, and more.


All you need to get started is you. And maybe a notebook and pen.

The Intentional IEP will provide everything you need each day to make your IEP-teacher-writing-self super efficient, super organized, and super happy!

We suggest using a personal email address to sign up, as school firewalls may block IEP Week content from arriving into your inbox.

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